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Google Checkout Orders Not Coming Thru

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  • Google Checkout Orders Not Coming Thru

    Anyone else having a problem today?

    I had 2 orders today through Google Checkout. I received the email from Google about each order, but did not receive any emails from my website. When I went to look for the orders in my admin of my website, there are no orders under either name.

    Looking on my admin for Google Checkout, everything about the orders seems normal.

    Called tech support, but they were of NO help:mad: . They kept on telling me the customer didn't complete their order? Really? 2 customers in one day. Never had a problem before with G.C. The orders look like all my other G.C. orders when I am in the G.C. admin. No trace of the orders on my website admin.

    I am turning to the forum for help. I have always got more help from the forum than tech support. So I appreciate any help.:)

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    I had a couple do that after my site upgraded to V4. Go to your google checkout settings/integration and check your API call back settings and API version. My API callback url was set up wrong (after I'd renewed my SSL) and although I'd get notification from Google of the completed purchase and payment, I had no indication on 3dC that there was a sale at all. Thomas in live chat was able to help me.,7

    Knowledgebase covers it in their google checkout integration tutorial

    Hope this helps