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  • registration_account-type

    I'm trying to adjust what is shown in the "Account Type" drop down box in the registration page. It does NOT match what I have set up for customer groups.

    I have 2 customer groups set up. They show in the drop down box. But another group shows in there also. It may have been "retail customers" at one point, but now it says something different which makes me think I can change what it says. But I don't know where!

    Can someone tell me where it is that you can change what shows in "Account Types"?


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    Hi. You should be able to edit that in Customers>Customer Groups. I think the information entered there is what will display in the account section of your website. I hope that helps!
    Laura Z
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      It's not the same. I've tried that. I have 3 accounts being shown in the drop down box. I think the first one was originally the "retail" account, but somehow now it shows different text. How do i change it to say "retail"? I guess I just need to know how to change the text on the default group. Also, if people don't choose anything, or if they choose the first option, they will go into the default (retail) group?

      Thanks for your help!