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Newbie needs Sitemap help please!!!!

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  • Newbie needs Sitemap help please!!!!

    I completely new to this whole setting up a website process so please bare with me, any help you can offer is great!

    First off, I have my website built, items, inventory loaded etc and I am now just using webmaster tools to verify my site but I am having trouble with the sitemap portion.

    I have followed 3d carts instructions on how to submit the sitemap and webmaster tools says "invalid url"
    I made sure I changed my store URL but it seems that the urls on the sitemap are still showing .3dcart, is this the problem? If it is how do I fix it, If not what am I doing wrong?!

    Also after I have finished setting up my website with webmaster tools will my site appear in google searches? I have meta tags in place right now but google is not finding me, Im only found when I type in my website address and even then Im at the bottom of the first page.

    Any help for thsi newbie would be so appreciated!


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    In most cases it looks like this:
    David's Gifts and Things

    Wholesale Gifts, Home Decorating, Jewelry and More

    Quality, Selection, Value Always

    The more you buy the more you save!