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Google Feed Variant requirement for Apparel

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  • Google Feed Variant requirement for Apparel

    I sell a lot of clothing online and watched a video from google stating that they require a feed with a separate line for each variant combination along with a different image for each color. Like many people, I have products with options for color and size on 3dcart. Has anyone figured out a solution that will still allow them to submit some sort of feed to google that includes apparel items?

    I spoke with tech support the other day and was told that 3dcart doesn't support this and had no plans to support it. They told me that I should use godatafeed but godatafeed doesn't integrate with 3dcart properly to pull in all the required information.

    I have around 1500 apparel/footwear items so creating and maintaining a separate database apart from 3dcart in order to manage this would be a bit of an onerous task.

    How are the rest of you clothing retailers dealing with this issue?

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    I have the same issue--only I sell bridal veils with a nearly infinite number of combinations. I just entered the parent product, with the color "white" (since that is the default photo for every product). Seems really silly to have to enter "gender", "size", and "age group" for a bridal veil--but since it is in the category of apparel, I must. Guess I could do better if I entered all gazillion items separately, but who has time???


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      Thanks for your reply. It helped me to think about my situation. I sell clothing and footwear in a variety of options. My catalog has about 3000 items making a manual feed a bit difficult. I think I'll do the same sort of thing and just use an extra to list a default color for each item and submit each item with the size field populated by the words "one size." Hopefully google won't notice before 3dcart comes up with a fix.


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        Sadly, I don't think 3dCart is planning on coming up with a fix for this problem. Someone else posted in another thread about 3dC's reply to their concerns about the issue. I'll have to see if I can find the post.


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          Found it:

          2nd post in the conversation.

          Edit: Oops, never mind, I see in that same thread that you've gotten a better, more hopeful response from 3dCart. Let's hope they get this issue resolved quickly. I'm NOT crazy about using the extra fields for this because I might actually have REAL uses for the extra fields, like information about my products that I might want customers to be able to see....
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            Cmon' 3Dcart - Talk to & help your clients

            If you use Godata feed they have a solution for this problem and 3Dcart even recommends them;) .

            :eek: Oh wait!
            Godata can't do anything because they are waiting on 3Dcart to do something on their end. I talked to their tech support department the other day.

            So, until then, I guess we're S.O.L.

            Which means I don''t really need Godata at all and can stop paying for their service. I have already figured out how to make/submit my Bing feed and The Find feed, which is the other 2 feeds they are maintaining for me.

            Sorry for my sarcastic tone, but this is really bothering me and with the holidays right around the corner, I can't be worrying about this, nor do i want to spend an inordinate amount time on feeds.

            Like someone else said - I use 3dcart because I am a retailer not an IT guy

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              From 3DHenry in another post.

              "Hello all.

              First, some information and clarifications:

              As many have pointed out thus far, the majority of changes required by Google are possible through customizations to the fields in the product feed file and can be done with minimal effort. The main exception to this is in regards to apparel products

              Although there is no set time frame, we are currently working on a contingency to address the Google product feed changes that are affecting merchants with apparel products. At present, it is a work in progress, so there are no substantial details I can offer at this time. Rest assured we are working on it.

              As for GoDataFeed, it’s true that we are working with them to help provide a solution as well. However, it is not a question of them waiting on us “to fix something” or anything alluding to 3dcart being a roadblock with their integration. On the contrary, we have a scheduled site visit with them coming up soon in order to discuss and develop a solution that will work well with both systems."
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                Thanks Henry for responding to my concern and speaking up and giving us an official update to let us know whats going on with the Google feed in relation to apparel sellers.

                I guess all my "crying" on the forum here worked to an extent. It got someone from 3D to give us an official word on whats going on because up until this point I had not heard any official update or word from 3D that was geared toward apparel sellers. I also kept on receiving conflicting info from different tech reps at 3D.:confused:

                I admit I may have gone a bit overboard with 3 different posts about this same problem, but I still believe the squeaky wheel gets greased, or at least doesn't get rusty...:rolleyes:

                Communication is key, and it usually keeps customers happy. :D

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                  I guess all my "crying" on the forum here worked to an extent. It got someone from 3D to give us an official word on whats going on because up until this point
                  i am sure it was your "crying" that got the thread closed. "Squeaky wheel" does not always gets the oil, it gets tossed out.

                  We are all here to help and get help, 3D cart will address if it needs to be. As 3DHenry said, there was really nothing to convey at this point regarding this issue, when they have something we will know. In the meantime, we will do our best to get our products on to Google on our own and with the help of others on this forum.
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                    Let's Be Realistic
                    • Every apparel merchant on EVERY server is facing the same issue.
                    • These new requirements are not that new. Merchants have had over 2 months to figure it out. Some didn't take the news seriously. Their problem.
                    • If you can't figure out how to comply, and don't have the time, HIRE someone!
                    • You can't expect ANY server to meet the needs of EVERY merchant! That is totally unrealistic! 3D did not have any more time than we did. Changing the backend takes a lot more configuring than you believe. Plus they have a lot more to deal with than this one issue.
                    • You can't expect to be in ecommerce without learning some coding. If you find yourself incapable or unwilling to learn, HIRE someone to do it for you.
                    • Configuring your Google feed is not difficult.
                    • Configuring your taxonomy is a bit more involved with apparel, but once you get it done you can use the duplicate function for similar items.
                    • You can do a LOT of the taxonomy is a spreadsheet with filter, drag & fill.
                    • No, I don't sell apparel. I did help another site set theirs up. It wasn't difficult.

                    Please accept the fact that you have to deal with this, not 3D.


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                      being realistic?

                      Thanks celebra and elegant for the great advice. :)

                      But you guys are missing my point. and noone has commented on this part: :confused:

                      Based on 3D's recommendation , I pay for and use the Godata service for my feeds, and have done so since I started using 3D as my cart provider.

                      When I asked Godata, I was told by their tech dept. that they have a solution for apparel sellers and have already implemented it for other carts. I was also told by them that 3D has to do some things on their end before godata could implement their solution but it was in the works. (since everybody knew about these upcoming changes then why wait till the last minute? EXACTLY.)

                      So i go back to 3D and ask them. First 1 rep tells me that they have no plans to update the google feed. In the same email they suggest I use Godata for my feeds. (other apparel sellers in this thread were also told to use godata)

                      I open a support ticket about this and am told, yes 3D is working on it and in the meantime I should use my "extra fields" to comply with the new requirements. I don't understand how the extra fields will work for apparel sellers with multiple sizing and color variants, not to mention that you also need these fields for gender, and age group, and UPC.

                      So, between 3D telling me a couple of different things and Godata telling me their waiting on 3D (remember now, we ALL knew about this months ago), I get a little hot and bothered.

                      My being upset was based on information I received from 3D and Godata

                      So I start "crying" to the forum and on FB hoping to get a solution or at least a reliable answer from a higher up at 3D and not just a tech or cust. service rep. And it worked!:)

                      I know that every apparel seller in the U.S. is in the same boat but some carts have already taken the steps to update their feed process for apparel sellers.

                      I was not tossed out of anything and I don't mind at all that the thread got closed, because a portion of my objective was accomplished. I was just trying to stir up support to get 3D going on what needs to be done. The voice of one may fall on deaf ears but the voice of many is usually heard.

                      Just like the user voice portal, I feel that if enough people suggest, inquire, complain, about it, something will be done.

                      When you pay for a service(s) you have every right to expect them to perform as advertised. Between me paying 3D and Godata, I should NOT have to deal with the problem.:eek:

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                        Hello all,

                        I want to be absolutely clear on a few points regarding this thread and other similar threads about this topic:

                        First and foremost; the 3dcart forum is intended as learning tool for 3dcart merchants to share ideas, offer encouragement and basically help each other out through the sharing of experiences and advice.

                        Secondly, the 3dcart forum is not continuously monitored by members of the 3dcart management or its staff. Posting multiple times about the same issue with the intent to have something changed will not have the desired effect. On the contrary, the reason we were made aware of these postings was due to complaints received both through private messages and support tickets. The same applies to our Facebook Fan page. These are not intended to be used for requesting changes and airing complaints about the service offering. Instead, the most effective way to have concerns addressed is through our support portal. If a support agent is not satisfactorily addressing your concern, request to have your matter escalated to their supervisor and your concerns will be raised with management in a much more effective way.

                        Thirdly, and I apologize if my usual jovial tone comes across as stern on this matter, the 3dcart forum is a privilege and not a right. While we try to keep the forum environment as open, friendly, and professional as possible; it is not a democracy. We will not tolerate arguing points or bickering amongst users as to who is right, who is wrong and any form of harassment amongst the users – whether it be through public forum threads or private messaging.

                        This third point is not open for discussion and our decision to close the previous thread and any actions we take for any perceived violation of our Forum Posting Rules are final on this matter

                        Now, as mentioned in our previous thread, we are working on a contingency for the Google product feed changes for apparel merchants. In the mean time, please keep this and any other related thread within the realm of offering advice as to how to stay within the feed requirements, using the tools as they are now. (i.e. Extra Fields, suggestions, tricks, etc)

                        Again, I sincerely apologize for my tone being far different than you are all normally accustomed to, but it is necessary to get my point across. Thank you all for your understanding and compliance to the posting rules.