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  • PayPal Problems

    My customers are having problems using PayPal to pay. Some report going in loops others report screen freeze before getting to PayPal. Anyone else noticing problems?
    NOTE: In another post, there was a report of a problem with a mobile device trying to use PayPal.

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    Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but, we did get this email on 11/14/11 from PayPal:

    We want to inform you that additional IP addresses are scheduled to be brought online on November 15, 2011, to expand our back-up site services for our API traffic.

    As you may recall, we previously notified you that we are making a series of system updates to improve the performance of our services. This includes bringing online a new state-of-the art data center in the Salt Lake City area.

    Please Note: If you direct your API traffic to the Domain Name Service (DNS), you can disregard this notification. However, if you direct your API traffic to us by hard coding IP addresses, you’ll need to update your systems with the new IP addresses to avoid a service interruption should we switch to back-up mode.

    If you are unsure of how your API communicates with our hosts or if you would like to confirm if you will be impacted by this change, we recommend contacting your web developer or IT Department regarding this notification.


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      OK, one more post on this matter as it seems we are the only ones having issues with PayPal.

      NOTE: When we first made our cart live about 3 months ago, we saw no problems with customers using PayPal. Just recently, we started noticing some problems.
      We are using multi-page checkout, PayPal Express, only 2 shipping methods: USPS First class USA or USPS First Class Int'l. I have searched the KB articles and forum and made some required changes.

      Here's the problem (as I see it):

      In our checkout system, we have the PayPal Express Checkout Button ("Check out with PayPal") on the View Cart screen. If a customer clicks on this button from the View Cart screen, he can go through checkout very easily.

      However, if he misses seeing the button on this page, he will go through Step 1 (Shipping Information), then Step 2 (Shipping Carrier Choices), and finally Step 3 (Billing Information). When he gets to Step 3, he can enter his Credit Card number or select the "Check out with PayPal" radio button.
      As soon as he clicks on the "Check out with PayPal" button, he is redirected to PayPal to confirm his billing information.

      All is well, BUT, after doing this, he is returned to our site, but he GOES BACK TO STEP 2. And on Step 2, it asks him to go to step 3 to choose his payment method (again!!!). This is VERY confusing to the customer so far, correct? Now, when (and IF) he gets to step 3, again, it asks "Choose one of the following payment methods:" with only PayPal as an option this time. Again, this is confusing to the customer because they already did this!?!?!

      Is it just our site that this happens with? This is a very clumsy method and prone to many abandoned carts. In my opinion, once the customer leaves paypal, they should be taken to step 4 - "Thank You For Your Order"

      Any ideas on how to streamline this? Make it more intuitive? Less clunky? Fewer steps? Any help, comments or suggestions are most welcome.


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        @Barry, Have you tried removing the PayPal Express checkout from the checkout pages? If you have it on the view cart, that's sufficient. Incase if the customer missed it they can still pay with PayPal but not with "Express".
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          I had this issue as well and had to pay 3d to rewrite some script in both my pages so when they clicked the radio button in checkout to use paypal the checkout button would disappear and they would automatically go to paypal. Clicking on the checkout button and the paypal option caused the loop. So had to get the button to disappear once paypal was chosen so they had no other options but to wait for there paypal page to open. I guess if you had smokin fast internet you would not have time to even click on both. But thats not the case.


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            I sure wouldn't think that you should have to pay 3dc to actually make the cart perform the way it should? That's just not "right"


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              Barry, I just went through checkout, and it seems that your case is not unusual. Ours works the same way you outline above if PayPal is chosen on Step3. After Paypal you go back to step 2. Yes that is confusing.

              A while back I tried to remove PayPal from step 3 but found out that that code was needed to finalize the PayPal transaction and was not successful at it. Maybe I will take another stab at it one of these days.

              It is annoying that 3dcart would rather have bad functionality and charge customers to fix the problem, than just roll out a fix once they realize the problem exists. This conflict of interest is really affecting the functional integrity of the cart.
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                Yes, it is confusing for customers! I am actually (as we speak) working on trying to implement the PayPal button that is found on the view cart page into page 3. And of course removing the PayPal radio button. I'm hoping this will eliminate the "hang time" and confusion for the customer.

                As canadianghosthunter pointed out (and we have seen this first hand AND via customer feedback), when the radio button is selected, it takes awhile before the customer is actually sent to PayPal. During this wait, some customers scroll down and clik the "Finalize" button and this messes things up big time!

                @Barry, Have you tried removing the PayPal Express checkout from the checkout pages? If you have it on the view cart, that's sufficient. Incase if the customer missed it they can still pay with PayPal but not with "Express".
                Not sure I follow. There are actually two different instances of paypal.
                1. View Cart - is a clickable button.
                2. Step3 - a radio button that the customer selects.
                If I remove the last one (the radio button) then at that point the customer cannot choose PayPal as a payment option. Is this correct or am I missing something?


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                  Barry, let me know if you are successful.

                  What I just did is add a message after the radio button on step 3. This message only shows up before the customer is redirected to payPal, once they come back, they do not see it.
                  Not ideal, and probably most will not read it.

                  so now it reads:

                  O [PayPal logo] checkout with paypal
                  Once selected, PLEASE WAIT to be redirected to PayPal.
                  Steps: PayPal > Shipping Page > Finalize Payment.

                  This is where it goes in Checkout3
                  <tr><td colspan="2" class="item"><input name="payment" onClick="window.location.href='paypal_express.asp?ch=3';" type="radio" value="online-[id]"><img src="" height=35 border="0"></a>  [payment_description]. <br>Once selected, PLEASE WAIT to be redirected to PayPal.<br>Steps: PayPal > Shipping Page > Finalize Payment.</td></tr>
                  <!--END: PPEXPRESS-->


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                    So far my first test is not so good!
                    I placed the PayPal logo AND code from the view cart template into the step 3 template. Upon using it as a test order, it did the same dang thing - took me back to step 2 again after leaving PayPal. Crap. Oh well, I will keep trying!