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    Just an FYI--probably a "big duh" for most of you, but it messed with my world for a few weeks!

    I do all of my work on a iMac, and have recently installed Office for Mac so I don't have to do all of my spreadsheet work in bootcamp. Well, as an FYI, if you make changes and save your exported product spreadsheet in the default .csv format, then try to import it, it won't work. The upload just sits there "processing", but actually doing nothing. After submitting tickets, etc., I finally figured out that the file has to be saved specifically as a Windows .csv format, not just .csv. Maybe that will help someone else with issues! :)

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    I went through that as well when I was new to 3dCart. I wish there was some easy to find KB info about that, because I am sure this issue has given people a lot of headaches over time. Thanks for sharing!
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      Excel for Mac

      You have to make sure to same the .csv file as an Windows CSV file to work.


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        Yes, it took me a while to figure that one out too. I thought I posted a note on the board to save as windows-csv but maybe I didn't.

        I think it'd be a good idea for us Mac users to post solutions/issues on the forum.
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