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  • Issue with Deal of the Day

    Just a heads up here!

    We've discovered an issue with the deal of the day function (will be submitting a ticket).

    We have free shipping on all of our items. When we set up items on the DOD, we have also marked them as having free shipping using that module. The problem is, when they come off of the DOD, the module is removing the free shipping from an item. So, when a customer goes in to purchase one of the items that used to be on the DOD, they are now getting charged for shipping.

    So just a heads up if you offer free shipping. We're going to try removing the checkbox for Free Shipping from the DOD items and see if that keeps from removing the free shipping on the regular listing. Won't know that for a couple of days though.

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    Just an update:

    If any of you do have free shipping on your items and run the DOD (deal of the day), check the items after they've come off of the DOD. We've discovered that the DOD is removing the free shipping tag on an item's original record (turning off free shipping).

    We have submitted a ticket to 3d.


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      For any of you that have free shipping on some or all of your items, be aware that if you do use the Daily Deal (or Deal of the Day), when an items comes off of the DOD, it will remove the Free Shipping tag.

      Here's what we got back from Support:

      We are aware that the Daily Deal feature currently disables Free Shipping on the item, even if it was always set to Free Shipping. Our developers, did this so that if an item is only to have Free Shipping for a Daily Deal so it did not leave the item with free shipping when it wasn't supposed to.


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        If you offer Free Shipping on all of your items, why do you set the "Free Ship" flag again with Daily Deal? Seems redundant to me.
        If you want the free shipping appear on the widget you can do a little bit of coding and have that displayed without having to set the flag.

        As for the developers at 3DCart, I am sure it is a simple fix with a hidden database field to keep the original setting, to revert back once the Daily Deal is finished. I know it is easier said than done, perhaps the next minor release...
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          Ah, but no matter which way you configure it, it removes the Free Shipping tag once the DOD ends. Plus, if you don't have the DOD item marked with Free Shipping, then a customer gets charged for shipping on the DOD item when they go through checkout. If you offer free shipping, then it's a no-win game. That's why we posted this in case someone else runs into the same issue.

          As for the coding change by 3d, that's what we suggested but I doubt that the change will happen anytime soon, if ever.


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            Anyone know if this is fixed?
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