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  • Category Page with no "frame"

    Can anyone think of a way to make a category landing page that does NOT include the home page frame stuff? E.G. the logos, etc.



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    Setttings>Design>Titles & Content | Category Page (edit) | Hide Left Bar Hide Right Bar

    Will this help you?
    Elegant Weddings +


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      I didn't know about this setting, but it doesn't quite do what I need.

      I would like to remove the standard header as well from the category page, and also, I really only want to do it on one category, not all.

      Big thanks for the heads up though!



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        Having a unique frame for your home page is not a supported configuration.


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          The answer is probably the same, but I don't want the home page changed, just a single category page.

          One of our stores sells customized apparel, usually focused around a single car club that we are the national provider for. There are 100+ regional clubs under the main umbrella and we are also the provider for them. When we add their products, they get a category all to themselves with the various products in it.

          We have been approached by a separate organization that would like the same thing, but to avoid confusion from their members, they don't want to see all of our branding on the main store. They don't mind it showing up in the checkout process, they are just concerned with the SCCA branding showing up on the product pages and "main" page to their section (which is a category page)

          So, my thought was that if I could setup a category page that didn't have the main header, footer and possibly the sides, it would work. But, I cant figure out how to do that without hand coding a HTML page off site using the "buy Now" links.



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            Nope.. can't do it.


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              I've been giving this a lot of thought because I love puzzles. Coding is a giant puzzle.

              What you want to do, I believe can be done. I haven't tried it, but here's my reasoning.

              What you need to do is create a separate css for EACH manufacturer you want to display this way. You'll be working with a lot of negative margins to achieve a full site size and to compress the current header and footer. You will need to develop a series of "if" or "when" statements that say "when/if it is this category, use this css" so that the proper logos/banners, colors, etc. are applied to the correct locations. The overall linking structure wouldn't change much. NOTE: This is NOT a beginner project!

              There may be an easier way, but from what I've discovered so far, you have to leave your template frame in place. What I'm suggesting is compressing your current from using css calls and inserting the content of your choice.

              I'd be interested to hear opinions from 3D geeks on this theory. Would there be any cross-browser issues in this approach?