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    Unfortunately, I can't change many of the site content I wish to. Sure pages you create can be changed but, I'd like to change pages such as the "review this item" page, the checkout page and many others. Nowhere to be found.
    Does anyone know how to change these pages??
    For instance, i want to change the required fields and the field names on checkout pages and the review this item page. I really don't think someone needs to provide location, title, full name and all that just to review an item.
    An help appreicated! :)

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    To change the content on most pages, you'll either need to change the text under Settings>>Design>>Store Language and/or download the appropriate template via FTP, make your changes to the html file, and then upload that file to the folder on your site where all of your default templates are stored.

    I think one of the templates you're looking to make changes to is checkout-step1.html which can be found under the common folder. I'm not sure about the review product page.

    Before making any changes to any template files I downloaded them all and put them in a separate folder as a backup.


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      This is where you would change the product review fields...

      Hi Mark,

      I was just formatting the product review section myself on my site, so I am farmiliar with where and how to change it. Here you can remove any fields you want, including title, name, etc... I agree, I don't really see the need for title. I just noticed that the title and email doen't show to the user, it might just be information collecting for personal use, but I am not positive.

      The name of the page you will change on depends on which template set you are using. For me, I can change the review product area on the html page called 'listing_0' in the default folder. I download the page to my computer, make a backup of it, play around with it, fix it, then upload it again and see what it looks like. Hope this helps. Feel free to email me if you need more help... [email protected]
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