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  • Google Checkout Shipping Issue

    I had a problem in the last few days with google checkout on both of my 3dcart sites. On both sites, various shipping methods were no longer showing to google checkout users. After I noticed that my free shipping $50+ method wasn't working on one site, I submitted a ticket.

    Afterwards, I did some more checking and found that on both sites, some of the google checkout fall back shipping costs had reverted to zero. I never changed them on either site so it must have been a database glitch.

    At the same time, 3dcart emailed back and told me that in order for google checkout to work with free shipping, I had to call the method "Free Shipping." They told me that if I changed it, all would be fixed. Considering that I'd been using this shipping method as it was for months without a problem, I knew that 3d tech support was wrong about this. On top of that, it wouldn't explain why other shipping methods (including ground shipping) had disappeared on my second site. Sometimes I kind of wonder where they get their information.

    However worrying the database glitch is, considering that 3d tech support is a little weak with regard to their knowledge of google checkout (now google wallet), I just wanted to post this here so that if someone else has the same problem, they'd be able to find a resolution. My sites are on different servers so I'm guessing that the problem could be somewhat widespread.

    I wouldn't have known if a customer on one site hadn't complained so I'd suggest you try to place orders and see if everything's working right.
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