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Mobile store on IOS 5

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  • Mobile store on IOS 5

    With the holiday season now in full swing, when can we expect resolution of this issue as it has now been 6 weeks without a fix?

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    I think the 3dcart designers decided to go on holiday after releasing V4. Many things still need fixing including the mobile site, which oddly enough is being advertised on their mailers and web site!


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      just in case anyone from 3dCart is checking this forum, there is another bug that i discovered. when trying to use the mobile admin in IOS 5 the nav (located on the bottom) falls below the browser nav bar.

      There is a work around however. It does work on Opera Mini. Haven't tried it on other browsers yet.

      to get to the mobile admin:


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        It does happen where the nav bar interferes. The solution is to add the admin page to your home screen. Answer is explained by 3D Cart here:
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