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  • Postini SPAM Filter Setup

    Is anyone else using Postini/Google for their spam filtering? We obviously host our own email and don't use 3d.

    Our order confirmation emails coming to our general email address ([email protected]) are getting caught in the filter. They mostly get caught for a SPF error.

    If I stop the SPF check on all incoming emails, I get nailed with a lot of spam.

    Alternately, I can't whitelist the sender, because the email is addressed like it came from the customer.

    Postini has an IPLOCK command which will allow all email from a specific IP address, but you have to tie it to a domain name as well. I am not sure what domain name to use, if I use it will block anything else coming in from I can;t decide if this will be a problem or not.

    Or should I use the 3dcart address?

    I am open to ideas here....