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  • subscribe to maillist checkbox: checkout_step1

    Does this box add your customers to the mailing list when checked? I realized it was not working on my customized page. I restored the original from common and it still did not work. I went all the way through checkout and filtered the subscriber list for the e-mail address I used and nothing.
    Using Multi Page Checkout.
    I appreciate you testing this. Thank you.

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    I contacted support regarding this, and I am left scratching my head. Maybe someone else has figured out a solution.
    The first time I was told the customer was added to the mailing list. However that is wrong. The second time I found out that the check-box on the checkout page creates a check-box in the customer account that says mail List. It does not add them to the mailing list!?

    Here is my take on this:
    1. If the customer does not create an account, yet they check the box then what??
    2. How to filter the new "subscribers" from the customer list? Do we have to download the customers once a week and sort by the subscribe field and subfilter by date from the last time we did that. We have over thirty thousand customers in our database. Downloading all of them to try to find a few new subscribers is not the most efficient method.
    3. What if someone was already in the mailing list, checked the box, then unsubscribed before we added them again using the procedure above. They would not be happy.

    Has anyone figured out how to make the check-box add the customer directly to the mailing list??