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  • Shut down my account

    Im pretty pissed off right now. I signed up with 3d cart in dec 2010 with the promotion giving 6 months free when i paid for a full year in advance. My billing info showed my next bill date was dec 2011 so i entered a ticket asking about this and was told that info was incorrect and to ignore any billing info showing dec 2011 and that my next bill date was june 2012.

    well guess what?? They closed my freaking account because they couldnt charge my account in Dec 2011 (old credit card). Support is unable to help me and they say I dont have 6 month free and my bill date was dec 2011 EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A TICKET SHOWING JUNE 2012.
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    And of course they canceled my account so I cant log in to review the ticket where it states I wont be billed again until June 2012.

    How convenient.


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      sorry to hear about this... check your emails that was sent to you when you first signed on....and also the ticket responses that was emailed.
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        I dont have access to the ticket system or my email account. I was using the 3D email system and everything was terminated per support so I cant log in.

        What makes me mad is I contacted billing about this issue and was told to IGNORE the Dec 2011 billing information because it was wrong SO I DID. Doing so got my account terminated.

        I'm going to file a report with the BBB as their "6 months free" must have some hidden clause saying they dont really give 6 months free (jokes on me, haha) (Support didnt know anything about a 6 months free promotion). Thank God I never closed my account with Volusion and should be able to reopen the store over there. Working on that now, uploading my old product file I used when I switched to 3D Cart but have a large number if new products I added since the switch, ugh.


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          Did you sign up through a sales guy? If you did I would contact him/her and let them work on it.
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            Originally posted by InsnWizard View Post
            Did you sign up through a sales guy? If you did I would contact him/her and let them work on it.
            Signed up online in December 2010 under the December 2010 15% discount and 6 months free when prepaying for a year promotion. No sales person involved.

            I wonder how many merchants signed up under that promotion not expecting to be billed until June 2012 but got unfairly charged last month anyways, never receiving their 6 months free.
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              I finally spoke with a supervisor who said I DID have 6 months free and billing wasn't due until June. My site was reinstated and I was given a month credit and told I wouldn't be billed again until July 2012.

              $100 says they will bill in June......

              I feel bad for those who got billed when they shouldn't have. If you are going to run a promotion, you need to have steps in place to make sure those promotions are honored.


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                Good to hear finally you got it.
                When I upgraded my plan this happened to me it took multiple phone calls to get it corrected, still I lost the discount I was receiving for having multiple shopping carts with 3DCart.
                I want to upgrade again to another plan, but nervous about it as I really don't have patience to go over it again and again explaining to each person who answers the phone. I recall leaving numerous voice-mails to billing department as well. Finally, I asked them to send me an email stating my plan, discounts and renewal dates. Perhaps you may want to do that as well.
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