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  • Promotion setup

    Setting up discount code for a specific customer we will call "Bill".
    I want to give Bill a $50.00 discount on his next order.

    I have been in the Promotion manager adding a promotion, with the discount code "Bill 0256".

    Under Promotion Rules under "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket", I have to keep adding each category and sub-categories so "Bill" can use this towards any product purchase.

    Is this the way it is? Do I have to keep adding all the cats and sub-cats in that section? This is a little tedious and counter productive.

    Got to be a better way

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    If "Bill" can purchase any product, you don't have to populate the "Applies if Products from these Categories are in the basket"- Leave it blank
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      Ok, thanks. I tried that before and could not get it to work.
      Now it does.
      Thanks for your response.