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Problems with Advanced Options inventory

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  • Problems with Advanced Options inventory

    I'm configuring a new site and am running into issues with the advanced options inventory.

    We're selling a t-shirt, and offer about 10 different sizes that we keep in stock, but at low stock levels. My main problem is that the site will allow purchases to be made over the stock levels!

    For example, size Youth Small has a stock level of 10. But I can go on the site and purchase 25 of them, with no popups or warning that there are only 10 in stock and that 15 will be backordered. The order goes through, and the stock for that size drops to -15.

    How can I fix this? Customers shouldn't be able to order more than the stock level, or they should be notified before they checkout if half the purchase will be backordered.

    UPDATE: I realized that I had selected "Allow Backorder" and once I changed that, it now gives a popup that won't allow orders over the stock quantity. But this popup makes it seem as if that entire size is backordered. How can I let customers know it's available, just at a lower quantity?

    Why isn't there a way to let customers know the stock of each option? That seems like a very basic feature for a cart (and it's been requested for at least 3 years according to this forum). When will this be available? I've been using 3dcart for other stores for almost 4 years now, but I may need to switch to another cart for this particular website, as inventory is going to be a major factor.
    Has anyone found any ways around this, or to make it better? The
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    There is a work-around that will show the SKU and the stock value for advanced options on the listing page. It is documented in the help site somewhere. I am sure support can point you to it.
    This will show the available stock once that option is selected. You can make that very visible for customers.

    The Popup message may be changed in settings>design>system messages. Search for the wording you see and change it there, unless it is coded in the page html, in which case you can change it in the listing template (listing-xx.html)

    Personally I would like a popup to show up even if backorders are allowed and the customer orders more that is in stock. We do allow back orders, however the customer should know upfront if they are placing items on backorder, not surprised later.


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      Thanks elightbox! I was able to get the stock to show when a specific size is chosen, not next to the size (which would be preferable) but I'll take anything at this point.

      The popup message isn't under Design>System Messages (I was looking all day yesterday), but I didn't think to check the page html, I'll try that today.

      Thanks again!