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    I have a couple questions about these.

    First, tech support told me the gift certificate check box on the Information tab of a product should be checked if the product IS a gift certificate, not if the product can be purchased with a gift certificate as the help states. I bring this up b/c I had gift certificate checked on all my products since I understood its purpose as it was layed out in help. However, b/c of this when checking out free shipping was listed. So my understanding was that gift certificates automatically are enabled as free shipping.

    So... now I set up gift certificates and checked gift certificate since it IS one. is my problem. I have shipping set up by value (ie. $0-$50 is $9.95, etc). If a customer purchases both a gift certificate and an actual product, free shipping on the gift certificate seems to be ignored and shipping is calculated based on the total value (including the gift certificate).

    Am I totally missing the boat on something here? It should be ignoring the gift certificate (since shipping is free on this item) and calculating shipping based on the actual product. Is this not possible?
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    I'm not sure why it's calculating shipping for the g/c, but there is a product-level option to check for free shipping. You might check that on your g/c and see if it resolves the issue.


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      It doesn't, but thanks for your input.

      It only caluculates the gc as free shipping if it is the only thing in the cart. But if the customer purchases a gc and a product, then it calculates shipping for the gc as well.

      This seems like a flaw even if it is b/c I have shipping set up by value. B/c it basically means then if you were to check any product as free shipping, if the customer purchases something else they wouldn't end up getting free shipping.

      I am guessing at this point the only way around this would be a coupon code, and I haven't tested that so who knows if that works.


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        I would check with support again. Free shipping is free shipping, regardless of what else they buy, and I haven't had issues having both kinds of products (with free shipping and without) in checkout, so perhaps it's something support can reset on their end.

        Good luck!