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Flat rate shipping per order - by vendor

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  • Flat rate shipping per order - by vendor

    I am trying to set up a flat shipping rate per order - for only items shipping from one vendor. My vendors are set up as drop shippers. This particular vendor charges one set shipping fee - for any quantity of items ordered. Most items are low cost, so I need to get the shipping if the customer only buys one or two items. Or, is there a way to set up a per order handling charge (applying to one vendor only)?

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    I've been trying to do the same thing.

    I have two product types: A & B. Both are drop-shipped.

    If the customer adds one A-Type product, then a flat fee would be added to the order. Should they order an additional A-Type product, no additional fee would be applied. The one-time fee is covered by the first product.

    If the customer then adds one B-Type product, it has no effect. The fee does not apply to B-Type products.


    After trying all sorts of work arounds, it seems this boils down to a solution that would focus on Vendor Setup. 3DCart calls them distributors, not vendors.

    If I could assign each product type to different vendors, then I could attach a flat fee for one vendor and not the other.


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      I've been wanting this for a looooooonnnnnggggg time. And I've asked for it.
      Aint gonna happen as far as I can tell.

      I gave up and just made every damn thing free shipping with the shipping cost bundled in. Of course, this is a bit of a rip off for my international customers and I can't adjust the shipping for those who order several items from one vendor.

      I'll warn you of another thing, since you use drop shippers as I do.
      If an order has a mix of free shipping and paid shipping items, 3dcart will often set the entire order to free shipping and you wind up eating it or having to tell the customer that there was a shipping charge error and you need more money.
      With 3dcart, it's ALL free shipping or NO free shipping, and you can't set flat shipping charges per item.


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        Well well well.

        That does stink. Looks like free shipping it is and I'll just have to deal with the consequences I guess.

        I've checked out some of the carts that have a multi-vendor option, but they are sub-par as the saying goes.


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          Many 3dcart customers have been asking for PER VENDOR (distributor) and/or PER PRODUCT shipping options for YEARS to no avail. I think our first posts and tickets about this were in 2009.

          We have some products that only ship USPS, some that ship only UPS, and some that ship only FEDEX. There's no way for 3dcart to calculate the total order-based combined shipping charges based on adding together calculated shipping charges from different shipping providers for the different products ordered in a single order.

          You can set a flat shipping price per item but that defeats the purpose of calculated shipping (combined shipping) and also causes tons of other problems with things like discounts, promotions, etc.


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            I can see how this goes much deeper than just sorting out vendors and their shipping policies. My hopes were to have essentially "separate" carts for each vendor, even though it appears to the customer as one single cart. They would just be virtually separated, not visually separated.

            But when each vendor has their own rules, it gets crazy complicated fast.


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              Shipping is of UTMOST importance!! PLS 3D!!

              I have found 3Dcart is be extremely full featured and to some extent I even forgive them for charging extra for all the goodies that should be included with a store.

              The one BIG problem I have with them is SHIPPING OPTIONS - shipping options can and will dictate when you can sell and where you can sell it. We need more control over shipping options and the examples here are just the tip of the iceberg.

              Drop Shippers are at the mercy of the shipper and the shopping cart. I have a line of products which will ship worldwide and it ships free to USA and Canada - most other countries are regular USPS but then some are Global Express - - - I cannot offer this product to Canada or the rest of the world due to the limitations of 3Dcart...

              I have another product line which will ship to Canada (via USPS) and it ships to AK, HI and PR by USPS - problem to me is it is a $100 item and if somebody from Alaska orders it costs me $50 to ship it - thanks to 3Dcart limitations I cannot charge extra for this.

              I have many more specialized shipping problems which companies like Channel Advisor can handle in a heart beat. (I no longer sell on eBay so I do not need CA).

              I propose that a group of us sellers work together to come up with what we need in shipping options and then present it to 3Dcart - yelling and screaming about the problems is not a solution but if we can show them the money they should listen.

              Thoughts everybody??????


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                In this case, it boils down to assigning a tag of some sort to products. In other words, it puts them into a group.

                One option would be allowing a setup fee to be assigned to each vendor. When an item is added to the cart from that vendor, a flat fee setup charge would also be added to the cart. Should additional items from that vendor be added, only the original fee would remain. There would be no additional setup charges added since that first product covered the fee.

                This idea could be utilized in other ways too. Say a group of products come from Timbuktu and we need to add a DHL charge of $120 to the first product added to the cart. Each additional item coming from Timbuktu would not require that additonal charge because it is covered by the first product. It is a one-time add-on fee.

                You might even have a situation where the customer is allowed to select the product source.

                Source 1: Wholesale, in stock, ships today (adds 12% to base price)

                Source 2: Factory, 2 week lead time, (adds nothing to base price)

                The customer can decide if they want to pay the upcharge for sake of time. Now this can already be handled in the product options, but sometimes it is not so straightforward. What if one of those sources (or both) also has a handling fee? Then there needs to be a means to include that one-time fee in the order. It would not be added per product, it would be added per source per order.


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                  On a different note, it would be nice if the shopping cart displayed which items come with free shipping.

                  When a customer views all the items in their cart, those with free shipping would be easy to spot. It would differentiate them from the rest.

                  I imagine I could get industrious and try to edit the cart code myself to include this feature, but playing with the cart code is a bit scary to me.