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I need to have "no shipping" for a service (logo design) for INTERNATIONAL

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  • I need to have "no shipping" for a service (logo design) for INTERNATIONAL

    I sell actual goods, and i also sell "services" (ie. tshirt design, logo design, etc...something that doesnt require any shipping of anything). How can i make those products NOT have any shipping associated with them for INTERNATIONAL orders, but still keep my actual physical goods with the shipping applied? All of my actual goods ship FREE, unless international, therefore i have that option turned on to not allow international orders, free shipping....

    How can i accomplish this?

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    Do you have logo design listed as a product?
    If so, you can mark each product as "Free Shipping" in the Information Tab:Shipping Options

    Are the logo designs downloadable? then you can sell it as an eproduct and will not be subject to shipping.
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      i have Free Shipping - Domestic Only checked because i have free shipping on all physical products as well (but not if they are ouitside country) so i can't mark those products as free ship as they already are.

      as far as making it an eproduct, even if i just made the download file like a FAQ or something, that would work, right? the cart knows to make all eproducts non shipable?


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        I'll have to look to see how we have ours set up, we sell PDF patterns and kits internationally, so we've got it working... let me go check.


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          Giving this thread a bump. I now have the same issue. I need to be able to list a service for both domestic and international without shipping. Looks like leberhar never got back with an answer to his set up.


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            Use a custom shipping method by weight.

            Name it " no shipping nessesary for these products" (or whatever)

            In the settings for that custom method set the weight to apply too orders that are from .001 to .009 lb. Then in your product you want to offer this free shipping from set the weight to .001. Someone would be able to order 9 of them and still qualify for that method. If you only ever sell ONE, then adjust the weight range accordingly.

            Now to make sure your other shipping methods don't show up to confuse people, limit their weight to only apply to orders over .01 lb

            Hope that helps.
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