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    Does anyone use the "Smart Categories" section on the Advanced Tab of product Categories? I was looking around and learning (I just about learn something everyday) and came across this tab. It seems like that option should be at the main level instead of within the Product Category. I tried the "Free Shipping" option and it showed EVERY free shipping item within that category.

    Anybody use it?

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    Dave, yes these are very handy. We use them for SALE items and for New Introductions.
    However, one issue which makes me think about removing them, is that they do not work on the mobile side. So on mobile devices when someone clicks on SALE, there are no results, same for New Introductions.
    So hopefully this will be fixed.
    It would also be great if we can create compound rules for smart categories (using AND / OR)


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      We use it for Sale items also. Very handy.

      It sure would be helpful to see the products in a smart category when viewing categories. Right now, you can click on a non-smart category and click on the products link to view all products in the category. To my knowledge, there is no way to search for items on sale except to look for the orange icon in the product list.
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