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  • moderating blog comments

    I'm trying out the 3dcart internal blog, and have questions for sites that are using it.

    1. How do you know when someone has added a comment? Looks like you have to check the Blog Articles page in dashboard and hope you'll notice that the number of comments has changed - is there a better way? I'd love to get an email when someone has added a comment.

    2. Are comments automatically published before I see and approve them? The only control it looks like I can exercise is to delete them, no way to edit or otherwise moderate them.

    3. I also don't see any anti-spam measures, like CAPTCHA, for comments. So no anti-spam measures and they get published without my knowledge - this sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    Am I missing something - is there is a better way to moderate blog comments?

    Also, has anyone figured out a way to make a backup copy of their blog posts, other than just manually maintaining a backup file on your computer? I asked support, and they said 3dcart backs them up, but if I ever need a restore, there's a charge for that. (And if I decide in the future to switch to Wordpress, I'm out of luck unless I have manually made a copy of each post.) Again, am I missing something here?

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    Any feedback on this from 3dcart bloggers? How well is the Blog Comments feature working for you?



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      I can offer some insite

      There is no way to moderate comments. It's not a great way to run a blog. I can't help with how you would know if someone makes a comment. I didn't like the way it worked so I switched over to a Word Press Blog back in Jan and like it much better. But you can test it by can writing a comment yourself and see what happens.