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  • Autoresponder Review emails

    I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue related to Autoresponder email setup. Here's our scenario:

    A What we want to happen: We want emails sent to customers a week or two after their order ships requesting a review.

    B What we did: We have an Autoresponder Campaign and created an Autoresponder Email (requesting a product review) for it set to frequency of 12days
    We have an Automation Rule set up to add email to Autoresponder when item is shipped.

    C Whats happening: Emails are sent to customers immediately after order ships.

    I know there is a disconnect between the rule and the campaign, but I can't figure out how to make it all work together. I looked up instructions on support knowledgebase and am still not getting an idea of the whole process.

    Can somebody help me out and explain how to make A happen?

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    Sorry I can't be of help.
    However, you should know that this will only work if you MANUALLY change the order status to shipped, and click save.

    We tried to do the same thing, however it never worked for the above reason and gave up on it.


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      I submitted a support case and Henry was very helpful in explaining my options to make this work.

      The Autoresponder campaign we set up just had the one email in it -- Henry pointed out that campaigns are intended to consist of multiple emails. The way to make it work the way we want is to add a simple thank-you email which will go out immediately after shipping; then, our product review email will go out as a follow-up email 12 days later (that's what "frequency" refers to).

      The other option is to use the "Enable Product Review Emails" in the Automation Rules section in Store Modules. Basically this is a small automated script which - based on the settings you specify - will look in your shipped order queue and send an email to those orders placed over the specified amount of days. (default is 30-days)

      We decided to try that one, as the whole Autoresponder campaign process seems to be a little buggy. I deactivated our Autoresponder campaign and activated the "Enable Product Reviews" with a time frame of 14 days.

      Right away it sent emails to every order shipped over 14 days ago. :-(


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        I hope Henry won't mind if I share this...

        I let him know that it looked like all customers whose orders had been shipped over 14 days ago were sent emails when I activated the "Enable Product Reviews" feature. Here's his explanation of what actually happened and what anyone can expect to happen when they turn on this feature:

        Oh my... I hadn't realized it would do that. However, now that I think of it, it does make sense; given the database nature of the cart. As far as the cart's software is concerned it's just doing as it's being told - "Send an email to orders in shipped status that are over X days old." I asked the developers and this was confirmed for me. I'm really sorry about that! I'm leaving myself a note to remind myself that machines deal in black/white, 0s and 1s rather than shades of gray... Once again my apologies.

        Fortunately, I did confirm another thing with the developers. When the cart sent this first batch of review emails, it flagged those orders that it sent to as having been contacted. Meaning that when the script runs again in a few days, it's only going to send to those orders that it hasn't sent to yet. One other thing I confirmed with them is that this initial batch only sent to the last 90-days worth of shipped orders rather than ALL of them. So even though it's more than the 14-days you specified, it shouldn't be TOO far back in history.


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          Mimi, 90 days is not so bad. You might get a few complaint emails, however this is a great feature of 3dcart. On our old cart I had to pay to have it custom developed.


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            Yeah. We got a few emails and calls, but after the first couple of hours they stopped. No big deal; just scary when we weren't expecting any emails to go out on activation of the feature.

            Hopefully, if it works as expected, we'll get some reviews going. The way we had it set up before (autoresponder sending out review request before the customer even received the product) we weren't getting any feedback.


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              I've found the customers, at least for me, who take the time to do a review are far and few between. I've gotten better results offering a small product for free, a % off on their next purchase, SOMETHING (on FB) if they take the time to write a review. It seems it takes something to motivate the review LOL


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                Same here. We offer a 10% discount valid for XX days on the next order, and not valid with any other promotions or discounts. Make it restrictive but attractive. We get lots of reviews. It takes work to generate codes and send Thank you e-mails with coupons.
                Also, we had to de-activate the e-mails from 3dcart "You submitted a review", and "Review Approved". Customers complained of too many e-mails. Now we just send a Thank you with the coupon code.

                One more note, if an order has been sitting on back order, and you ship it, the customer might receive the Review e-mail before receiving the products. Because the logic of the e-mail date, is Orders placed 14 days ago with status Shipped. So if the order is 15 days old and you ship it, the Review e-mail will go out immediately.


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                  That's a good idea to turn off those extra emails!

                  Yes, we were aware of the possibility of the the email still going out before the product in the case of back-orders, but decided that is a rare enough occurrence that we could live with it.

                  Thanks for all your advice and help! --mimib