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Homepage looks kinda funny on my iPhone...

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  • Homepage looks kinda funny on my iPhone...

    Hi all!

    I'm trying to get our homepage not looking so funny on iPhones (fyi, I do not have mobile detecting set-up, so it always goes to the desktop version when you access our site from a smart phone).

    It looks normal on my desktop computer:

    But the table is rather "scrunched" on my iPhone:

    It's basically a 4 column table (borders = 0).
    IMAGE | Description | IMAGE | Description

    Any thoughts on how to get this universal so that it shows correctly (i.e., good) regardless of device, settings? I used the WYSIWYG table builder and have tried to "fit to window", "fit to contents"...didn't look any different either way.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't think you are going to find an easy solution with a WYSIWYG creator, especially one that relies on tables. Tables are an old fashioned web design method and unfortunately 3DCart's default templates rely upon many tables nested within each other. I'm not surprised that it displays poorly on the iPhone.

    Unfortunately the "right" answer is to design the site using <div>'s and CSS for positioning, but it is a huge undertaking. If you are competent with HTML+CSS it is probably a 20-50 hour job.

    Wish I had a better solution for you :(


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      Thanks cbsteven!

      I appreciate the advice! Yes, I was afraid it was going to be something more difficult than "set the table with to X%". Ah, maybe I'll just reconfigure the whole layout of the home page to something that looks a little better across the board. I tried the 4 column table in hopes that it would minimize the amount of scrolling needed to go down the home page and see our product lines, both on a desktop and smartphone...

      Who knows, maybe one day we'll have someone to take 20-50 hours to work on a better solution :)

      Thanks again!