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Only Display "New Releases" on Certain Pages

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  • Only Display "New Releases" on Certain Pages

    We have "New Releases" displayed on the right on every page. I was wondering if there is an easy way to not display this on product pages.

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    I assume the New Releases block is part of your frame file? If so the only way I can think of to do it would be to have a javascript snippet in your product template file that will look for the New Release block and hide it. It's simple enough to do.

    Here is an example of something similar:
    Show and Hide Elements with JavaScript -

    Requires HTML knowledge.


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      An alternative method would be to assign your product a new template.

      Duplicate your frame.html file, rename it to frame_1.html, open it in a html editor or similar (I recommend Coda but Im on a mac) find <!-- Start: ...... --> for the Codeblock your looking for and delete it.
      On your backend (admin) go to your product and assign it a the new template.

      Some HTML knowledge is needed.

      Hope this helps.
      - Peace