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    When a customer used the Email A Friend link on a product page, the email includes a link to the main domain name. Is there a way to have the email send a link to the actual page the customer is viewing?


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    There are a couple of tags you can use on this Email,
    [store_url] gives you a link to the store
    [url] gives you a link directly to the product

    And you also have a couple of fields from the product,


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      Thanks, Jimmy
      Looks exactly like what I was looking for. I'll give it a try and be back if I have trouble.

      Hope you get to enjoy some of your Saturday away from the computer! :)


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        Hi Jimmy,

        I could not get the product specific tags to work.... [url] , [name], [description] . :confused:


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          I looked at the recommendafriend.html and see this
          <input type=hidden name="sitename" value="[sitename]">
          <input type=hidden name="siteurl" value="[url]">
          So if [url] is a link to the product page, isn't the code correct as is? But it sends only a link to the site.

          I'm assuming this is the right page to make changes to, but I've been known to be wrong before.


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            My mistake, I forgot to tell you that the change needs to be done thru the administration panel under SETTINGS > DESIGN > EMAILS > RECOMMEND A FRIEND. Just add [url] to the message.

            You can also make changes to the recommendafriend.html to include the product name or the thumbnail but this will only change the popup window you get when clicking on the "Email a Friend" link, not the actual email message.

            Breeze, shoot me an email to the support system and I'll take a look to your page.


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              Fantastic, Jimmy. Thanks for the additional info. I have it set up just the way I want. Nice to have those extra fields available as well. Another example of how 3DCart rocks!