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Do this many people not actually complete their order?

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  • Do this many people not actually complete their order?

    So I recently set up my store and I think everything is set up and ready to go. But I have yet to receive a single complete order! I get about 5 people a day that come to my site, put stuff in their cart - occasionally they enter their full name and address details, usually it just looks like they enter their town and zip for shipping calculation.

    Do people really put stuff in their cart and never complete their order? Would somebody mind taking a look at my site and ensuring I have everything set up correctly to checkout and process payment? I only have PayPal set up right now. I have PayPal Express set up, would you recommend using a different form of PayPal?

    My site is Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!


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    May I make one suggestion? I too carry Mopar components, although more a restoration of original components service, and I find that a lot of my potential customers feel better if they have a phone number that they can call with questions. "Mopar people" are funny that way it seems, as you probably know. But there is simply no way other than CRM to contact someone with a question they might have prior to or during the checkout process?



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      Here is an article to read about cart abandonment:
      3 Tips for Managing Shopping Cart Abandonment | Practical eCommerce
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        I regularly go through my Not Completed Orders and look for abandoned carts coming in a minute or so apart. Sure enough when I check the IP addresses, a lot of them are the same. An IP lookup reveals a location in Asia, which tells me spam bot or some other type of scraper I don't want sucking down my bandwidth.

        My suggestion is to check for the above, and if you notice a closely-grouped number of abandoned orders, check the IP addresses. If they're the same, block it out via IP Security in the Admin panel.
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