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    Our site and admin have been loading slowly for the last couple of hours. Pingdom Tools shows our page loads at between 25 and 41 seconds! I just filed a high priority support case.

    Our experience has been that it will run good for a while and then the slow loads start and get progressively worse over the course of 2 or 3 weeks until Support finally runs maintenance on the server. It's a cycle which repeats every couple of months.

    I have not made a connection with the updates/patches, but that certainly is possible. Are there any update/patches in progress right now?


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      Just more confirmation that there is something that started on Sunday (perhaps earlier) because Google Checkout notices to 3dcart started failing that day and caused 3 orders to be orphaned (paid for in google but not showing in 3dcart).


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        We use Pingdom and our own internal script to monitor all the 3dcart sites, and we often notice discrepancies on the uptime where Pingdom reports the site down or not responding but it's actually up and running. In most cases it's reported back up on the next minute, so it seems specific to a network timeout issue.

        I do want everybody to keep in mind that websites are on different servers and in many cases in different datacenters located on different geographical locations. So any issues experienced by a client should be reported to support individually, not even a major outage would affect all 3dcart clients. Please do not assume that because one client is having issues, it's related or could affect your site.

        I know for a fact that both cbstevens and lukiegames, who shared the issues they experienced on this thread, have database intensive scripts running on an hourly basis, which is not necessarily the cause of the issues but makes their sites and the way these perform unique over any other 3dcart clients.

        If you notice a performance issues, please open a support ticket and our team will take actions to find the cause of the problem and correct the issues.

        Jimmy Rodriguez