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Image Resizing - How and When

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  • Image Resizing - How and When

    This post was originally a request for clarification on how image resizing works, but after more careful testing, I figured out what I needed to know.

    In the interest of helping other newbies who may have the same questions, I'm rewriting this post as a summary of what I learned. Please note that these comments apply to images uploaded via File Manager or Batch Upload, and NOT to images uploaded via FTP.

    Are images resized upon upload, or dynamically when the image is displayed? The answer is when displayed. When uploaded, the file size in File Manager is the same as it was on your computer.

    If you change store settings for image sizes, does that affect previously uploaded images? No, since resizing happens every time you display the image. Images will display as the new size, but the stored file size is not affected. (They will not display larger than actual file size, but may display smaller.)

    Why would you want to resize images before uploading? No need to store larger images in File Manager than what you intend to display (i.e., your store settings for image sizes).

    I'm sure the more experienced folks here already knew this, but I'm coming from a cart where I had no control over this, and found it a bit confusing.

    Hope this helps other newbies.
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