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  • Smoother Registration?

    Hi all!

    Is there a way to make registration any smoother? Right now, customers often do this:

    1) Add products to cart
    2) Go to checkout
    3) Checkout Step 1 presents them with an option to Log In, Create Account, or Checkout As Guest
    4) New customers often Create an Account -- that's great!
    5) They find that their shopping cart is now empty, and unless they actually go back and Log In to their account, they have to re-enter all products into their cart and checkout. It's a bit confusing this way.

    Is there a way that once the Create Account process is completed, the customer remains LOGGED IN to their account, with their cart (and contents) intact? Ideally, they'd be able to just continue checking out from there without any additional steps required (like logging in to their account).

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hmm. On my site it works smoothly. Checkout step one will ask for an email address and optionally a password if the user wants to register. Then they just continue on to step two.

    If you check out my site and put an item in your card and go to checkout step 1 you should be able to view the page source and see most of what is going on...

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      Originally posted by JR123 View Post
      Hi all!
      3) Checkout Step 1 presents them with an option to Log In, Create Account, or Checkout As Guest
      4) New customers often Create an Account -- that's great!
      I can see you manually added a CREATE ACCOUNT button to the page, usually this is not necessary, by simply entering an email and a password the customer is automatically registered for an account.

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        Thanks cbsteven and Jimmy! Jimmy, you are correct and I guess I will revert back to the original template unless I can figure something else out. I was trying to make Checkout Step 1 a little more clear with a Sign In, Create Account, or Checkout As A Guest option.

        The original way (on the original template), like cbsteven and so many others have, to me is somewhat confusing and that's why I changed it.

        The main thing that I'm not crazy about in the original Checkout Step 1 template:

        The required email address field -- I want email to be required -- is located in the "Create Account" section. We don't require a customer to create an account to buy from us, so when they see the email address located there, some think that they HAVE to create an account. I know this because when we were using the original template in the past, we had a few customers call us up and say that they didn't want to Create An Account with us and just wanted to check out, unaware that they could do so just by not putting a password in the same section (I think??). That's pretty much the reason that we changed the template to it's current style.

        When I buy things on most eCommerce websites, I feel that almost all of them have a sort of "Log In, Sign Up, or Guest Checkout" option to choose from that is clear, and requires me to use little thought or guessing as to which option I'm going to choose to checkout.

        Just my 2 cents, and thanks again to both of you! I appreciate it very much!


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          I did some work on ours for the same reason. I too found it confusing. Though not a lot It made a sizable difference to me.
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            Thanks Mondo, the way that you've separated & explained in your Checkout Step 1 is pretty much 100% the idea that I had to "solve" this particular problem, after giving it some thought.

            I appreciate it, and it is definitely more clear that way, in my opinion :)

            Thanks again to all!


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              With all due respect to those who created it, I am not a fan of the multi page checkout flow. The 1st page is confusing IMO and does not clearly convey the three available CO options (new account, log in, guest). A designer modified my 1st page CO for me (atomic-moto dot com) to display these. I do not have good conversion data but guest checkouts spiked a lot, which I think is a good thing.

              Secondly I wish I had the option to have the billing address info (the data fields) on the same page as the shipping info. Right next to it would be great. From what I understood from support, this is not possible without 3Dcart redoing the code themselves.

              Also, I would prefer page 3 to be a more clear confirmation page. Basically, the layout of the page AFTER checkout is completed is how I would like to see it. The current page 3 with fields over on the right are a little confusing and unclear. But....I am not sure if changing this would be good or bad for conversions, as it would more clearly ask the customer "are you sure?" with the answer potentially being no more of the time.

              The one page checkout is almost a perfect fix for all these, except for the fact that it does not allow guest checkout for those with an existing account. This has been raised many, many times, and the reticence to fix it, against many requests, is difficult to understand.

              All that said, I am hopeful that improvements to both checkout processes will be made in the next upgrage, due next month. In particular, a small change to the 1 page would work well for me. On the multi, ANY evolution, or willingness to evolve it, would be welcome. This carries one caveat, there has not been any dialogue with the community for thoughts on the checkout, and that can create its own problems. But still, I am looking forward to what arrives next month.

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