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Adding Youtube videos to shopping cart pages

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  • Adding Youtube videos to shopping cart pages

    How do I add my Youtube videos and playlists to the pages. There was a code that I had there before and was working but that no longer works. It says there is a flash player there but no videos show. I change the order or videos every week so I dont want to have manually go through each page where the code is and change it. How are others adding youtube videos to their sites? Any suggestions?

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    There is a field in the product details where you can add a link to youtube. I think the field is called 'realmedia'. Then I added a lightbox popup in my product template to display the link in a window. See this thread for some info about doing it:


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      Youtube videos to play at the bottom of the home pages and others.

      Thank you for the information. I was aware of the individual product pages to show related videos. What I am inquiring about is in the footer of pages like the home page to have my Youtube playlist videos show at the bottom. I had a link there that did work but it no longer does. It is an embeded video from Youtube channel that can be placed in the footer of any page. I can go into Youtube and change the order of the videos playing. Any suggestions.