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    You are absolutely correct that "pin" is part of "pink" and therefore turns up in a search for Pin.

    We have discovered the same with any word that ends in "red" (discovered, covered, layered, etc) and "red"


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      Well, I figured out that I cannot use the advanced search at all. If I do, the results are inconsistent and all over the place. It's a big mess. Turning it off completely has solved most of the issues.

      So unless advanced search gets fixed (still trying to explain to tech support whats going on), I will use standard search. I can't really afford to pay the amounts the 3Dapps are asking for right now.


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        The search does a LIKE search so yes, typing in


        Can pull results that have words starting with, ending with, and containing RED.

        Every search is saved and there is a report available so you can monitor it and see what your site visitors are looking for, and the amount of searches being done.

        We are looking at alternatives to provide better searching out of the box (providing faceted search), but on the short term, the current search algorithms will not be changing.

        Another alternative is to use Google's custom search:

        Custom Search Engine

        its $100/year, and, there is a javascript API that can be used to display results right on your site. This is a very inexpensive way to get the power of Google Search on your store right now.

        There is also a free edition that you can try, but i believe it has ads.
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