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Where is "Add a New Field" mentioned in Website Content Guide?

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  • Where is "Add a New Field" mentioned in Website Content Guide?

    Hey. I was just looking for something else and downloaded the Website Content Guide. It mentions, in several places, instructions for how to add a new field to your pages via the Store Language page and then editing templates.

    For instance, if you want to add a new field to your category pages, the guide instructs:
    1. Go to Settings -> Design -> Store Language
    2. Scroll down to the Add a New Field Section
    3. Choose Category in the Section field.
    4. Type the name of the new field, i.e. Custom-Message, in the Name field
    5. Choose whether you would like the field to be single line or multiple lines.
    6. Click Add.
    7. Access the HTML via FTP and type in brackets the section name_the name of the field you created. Example: [category_Custom-Message]. This will add the field to you web page.
    8. Go back to Settings -> Design -> Store Language, category section.
    9. Type in the new field what you would like it to say, i.e. Brand New Category
    10. Click Save Changes.


    I was soooo excited and then went to my Store Language page and there is no such thing as an "Add a New Field Section"

    Does anyone know if this incredible functionality is actually available?

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    Hm. New to me.

    Either a feature that never got implemented or is still in the process of being implemented. Is it a newish support document? Link?


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      Just checked and I don't have it available either.


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        Here is the link to the Website Content Guide Part 1:

        Sadly, this guide appears to be 4.5 years old (jan 2008) -- so it looks like maybe 3dCart removed this feature at some point. :-(

        Probably time to update those guides.