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Calculating Shipping weight problems

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  • Calculating Shipping weight problems

    We've started running into more and more problems with "packages" not having the correct shipping weight and are wondering what other folks are doing.

    The scenario is that Product 1 has "Options" where a customer can add other products at checkout. This is done because, when added as an option inventory is reduced at checkout. The problem is, this does not calculate the shipping weight of Product 1 + Product 2 which means shipping charges are being incorrectly calculated.

    Supports answer for this it to go under advanced options, add the item manually and enter the weight which will then calculate the correct shipping weight on checkout.

    The problem with this is that, when you do it this way it doesn't like to Product 2 for stock levels and only uses the manual quantity you enter in on the Advanced Options. This will of course cause stock levels to get off and that isn't acceptable either.

    I've already let them know that, IMHO it should be an either or. This is e-commerce and both stock levels AND shipping weights are critical. I'm sure you can guess where this is going to go...

    So, anyone here have a similar situation or have any ideas how to work around this cart bug?

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    I've messed with this a little bit and the only way I could find a plausible "solution" was under the options tab for the product, I selected the custom item, where it adds not only the value and the weight but it also removes that option from my inventory.

    I first tried putting the product that it ships by itself to see if the weight on shipping would calculate properly and I was eating the big one on that set up, or it wouldn't calculate shipping costs at all and I was fielding emails and phone calls to manually calc the shipping, but this one seems to work, although I've only had a couple orders where it applied to the purchase. You might try it and do a test order to see if that would help?

    More often than not the shipping "over calculates" and I have the extreme pleasure of refunding some shipping costs to my customers which they absolutely LOVE.


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      I'm not sure I'm understanding your process.

      I've selected two products in the options, custom item, area (see image).

      The main product weighs .4lbs and the optional product (831) weighs .8lbs. When they add these items to the cart shipping is calculated off of .4lbs and not 1.2 lbs.
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