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  • Hide & Allow Back Orders

    I am working to move my store over from Volusion and this may be a deal killer.

    In Volusion at a product level I can allow back orders, or hide product when out of stock.

    In 3dCart, it appears to be at a global level only?

    Please tell me I am wrong!

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    Yes, you can over ride this at a product level. It's under Inventory Options, Inventory Control and you have a pull down menu. Unfortunately my import from cart 2 cart did not bring this field over.

    The 3dCart Support person I was talking with did not know this, they thought it was only done at a global level.

    Annoying. The support person was suggesting I needed some custom stuff done, sigh.

    I did not see it in the knowledge base, but by going to the product page I found what I was looking for.
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      You can do an export, fix this field and re-import. here are the values

      Values for Column: "show_out_stock"
      -1 global default
      1 out of stock
      2 back order
      3 waiting list