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  • Mailchimp integration

    Hi, we have set up the Mail chimp integration, are our customers records under the customers view supposed to automatically be added to the list we selected in Mailchimp?

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    Please report back if you find more information. The documentation is pretty sparse with no details as to what actually happens or what is required to make things happen. Support only has the KB article to work with, so no more info is available.

    Here is what I have found out so far:
    - Synching e-mails: only new subscribers are sent to Mail Chimp. The actual list at 3dcart is not automatically synched.
    So if you want your whole list on Mail Chimp then you need to do an export, and then import the list into MailChimp.
    - Customers: this is not working for us yet. Probably I have to make the fields in Mailchimp match those required by 3dcart for the Synching to Occur, however I am not sure which fields are required.


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      From what I was told and what happened

      after some back and forth with support (and not sure if that had any effect), MailChimp started importing customers - however it stopped when it hit about 1/3 of my customers and when I went to the website, I got a message saying I had too many customers and would have to upgrade to paying. According to support they stopped importing my orders because I was too high for a free account. If all my customers imported it would be $240/month even if I only sent a few of them emails - just to have a database that big.

      Unfortunately what I would like to see is only new customers added as my customers are only repeat customers for a few months but I was told I would have to delete all customers from my 3dcart database to do that...

      I was out of town when I learned this - took quite awhile for support to figure it out - and so haven't yet decided how to proceed.
      Pat Cotter

      The Preemie Store


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        Something is very strange here.

        I created two new lists on Mailchimp. One called 3dcart synch, and the other called 3dcart Customers and set those up in the Mailchimp settings.

        Each list on Mailchimp got a little over 1000 names over from 3dcart. Why just over 1000, who knows.

        I know we have not had 1000 sales since I set up the lists, nor have we had 1000 people sign up for the mailing list. And we have thousands of both mailing list subscribers and customers in the 3dcart databases.

        So what is the logic here. The great majority of this transfer happened on 7/27. Why??????? Again, who knows.

        Would 3dcart please figure out this integration thing and fix the knowledge base article with more detailed info, criteria, and workflow examples and guidelines.


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          I agree! No reason but I had about 6500 customers added and then it stopped - it took several days to add them. 3dCart told me it stopped because I had exceeded the amount for a free account - but on MailChimp it only said I could not send any emails because I was over 1000 and would have to upgrade to send emails...we need better documentation of what is going on. 3dCart told me to delete all my customers if I wanted MailChimp to only have new/recent customers....
          Pat Cotter

          The Preemie Store


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            Segmenting by 2 or more variables in mailchimp

            When I search for a segment using "and" statements, I get zero results. Does anyone know if this is a bug or is the integration limited?