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    I've seen some 3dcart sites that have nice category pages. Please point me to the right direction to edit each category page such as adding banner and articles.
    I've found the category_x.html in the template editing section, but I think that control the cat pages in general, not individual category page.

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    go Products-->Categories--> Select the category you wish to show a banner or any text. Enter whatever you wish to show in the "Category Header" or "Category Footer" under page content.

    Hope this points you in the right direction.
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      Edit category pages

      Maybe you already know this, but I recently learned a bit more about how this section and others work:

      In you common folder, there are 3 category templates (0, 1, and 2). These are read-only. You can switch between these choices at the category level (products > categories > [pick one] > advanced. Note the name you see will be 1 more than the name of the template - so Style 1 is referring to Category_0.html.

      You can copy one of these and save it into you TEMPLATE folder (because you can't write to common. Save it with a different name (like category_3.html) and it will show up in your drop down list choices.

      This version is yours to screw up...I mean customize.

      Hope this helps!


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        Thanks all. Now, it's time to go mess up my site :-)