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shipping credentials "use discounted rates" not working

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  • GonzaloGil
    Yes, i see this is missing from the documentation and UPS will not give the discounted rates unless you are doing Daily Pickup. I will have the documentation updated.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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  • hydrosuccess
    Solved by support

    Took a second ticket but a little nuance was uncovered by Dan C. at support:

    "To get the UPS discounted rates on our system, the 'Pickup Type' setting should be set to Daily Pickup instead of Customer Counter. You can change this in Settings>>Shipping>>Shipping Settings>>Click 'Enter Credentials' next to UPS.

    Dan C.
    3dcart Support Specialist"

    I don't think this is mentioned anywhere in the documentation, etc.

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  • GonzaloGil

    There was a recent issue found & fixed where the Use discounted rates would not have worked for International customers (they were shown the retail). If you are still having issues with this please submit a ticket (Or update the existing ticket) so that we can review your account, as it should work as you described.

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  • shipping credentials "use discounted rates" not working

    Has anyone found a fix for the "use discounted rates" within the UPS shipping credentials to actually work. Sequence of events

    1. the customer paid $26.58
    2. I have my UPS credential set to "use discounted rates"
    3. I use "label manager" to get quote and label
    4. Label manager returns quote of $9.98

    The answer I have heard before was 3dcart just pulls the numbers from UPS and I am just asking for the number that gets pulled/presented to the customer is the same one that gets pulled when getting the quote via label manager.

    I guess in short make the check box functionality work.

    Is there possibly some other setting that might be interfering?
    The same checkbox functionality does work with my FedEx account.