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Indexing Hidden Pages?

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  • Indexing Hidden Pages?

    Hi all,

    There are pages that we create that I don't necessarily want showing up in the "Header Info Bar" or "Footer Info Bar" sections (so it's marked hidden for that purpose), but they also don't index, at least I can't find them indexed on Google.

    What is the work-around to this, if there is any? If I were to place a link on a published/indexed (non-hidden) page on my website to the hidden/non-indexed page, would Google find that hidden page and be able to index it?

    For example, if we come out with a new product we might have a picture on our home page announcing the new arrival with a "Click here for more info". When the photo is clicked, it takes the customer to the hidden page. BUT, I want that hidden page indexed, too -- just not seen at the top/bottom of our website.

    Thanks in advance!

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    James, Google crawlers should find that page if you have a link to it on your web site.
    Another option is to submit a 2nd sitemap to Google containing the pages that are not in the 3dcart automatically generated site map. You can have several sitemaps in Google and Bing Webmaster Tools.

    There are several sites out there that will assist you in generating sitemaps, or you can download a stand alone program. We use Create Google Sitemap with Sitemap Generator - Sitemap Writer Pro and we are happy with it.


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      Thanks very much! I appreciate the advice, and I'll be sure to look into Sitemap Writer Pro. I also wasn't aware that more than one sitemap could be uploaded to a search engine, so I'm especially thankful for your input :)

      Thanks again!