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  • Accounting best practices

    Anyone have any insight into accounting and bookkeeping best practices? I once owned Mail Order Manager and could personally manage 200 orders per day with ease plus perfect daily bookkeeping. The beauty of MOM was that it just exported a G/L file with total sales, COGS, cash, etc.

    Today, I don't have M.O.M. and don't want it as I am sure there are other solutions for which I am unaware but that use a better database.

    I am wondering how a business with 200-500 daily orders would best use QuickBooks or something else? Surely, you cannot import each customer as that will reach the 14,500 customer limit in QB very fast. So what do people do? I am certain that my new business is going to have massive spikes in sales, of up to 2,000 sales in a day within the year. Since we only ship two products, shipping is very easy to manage. Now I just need to manage accounting. If those numbers start to become reality, do I need to upgrade to Dynamics or some other similar program?

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    I don't know the answer because I don't have the same scale, but you should at least look into Stone Edge Order Manager


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      We use Stone Edge as well.

      You are right, you can't manage that level of sales straight from QB. Even with Enterprise on a high end server, you'll run into speed and stability issues.