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  • add category to wishlist

    I'm trying to cobble together a custom catalog option for our customers without going too far off the beaten path. With a little work, the wishlist could work.

    however, rather than adding individual line items, i was wondering if it's possible to add at the category level (adding a category adds its sub categories and individual SKUs).

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    So, you're talking about one link, that when clicked will add everything in that category, and everything in the subcategories, to a user's wishlist?

    I do not think this would be possible without some heavily custom work.


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      i'm looking at the add_wishlist function that is provided stock in the generic product template. it's defined as:

      function add_wishlist()

      document.add.action = "add_cart.asp?action=addWishList";


      i'm able to generate a list of products within a category on that category page. however, the function above seems to only call the FIRST product (dependent upon the sortation used).

      That begs the question, are there other parameters i can pass to the add_cart.asp page?

      for example, when adding to the cart you'd use something like:


      i've been playing blindmans' bluff with that syntax to no avail. in other words, no i can't seem to pass:


      without a handbook for add_cart.asp i'm kinda in the dark here. is there anything else you can pass along with the addWishList parameter to get it to take the specific product i'm trying to add?

      if you're curious have a look at our live site. here's a page with some active (though not fully functional) code:

      AVOS Foot Orthotics

      NOTE: since this is a live site, i've obscured the 'add to catalog' link as a hyperlink on the 'Part Number'. for example, hover on any of the line item part numbers and you'll see it attempting to pass the [catalogid] to the add_Wishlist function. i've also tried passing [id] with even worse results (nothing gets added to the wishlist).

      notice though that no matter which link you click, it only adds the FIRST item to the 'wishlist'. sorting by another method will yield THAT first item added.

      just looking for suggestions here. thanks.


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        Yeah, that's a tough one. I'd say 90% chance that there is no argument you can pass to add a given item to a wishlist by that item's ID. 10% chance that there is, but that will be totally undocumented. Regular support won't be able to answer the question. You could try emailing Jimmy or Gil [at] 3dcart dot com and asking one of those guys directly.


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          Keep in mind that in yesterday's blog post, 3D Cart indicated that they would be making changes to the wish list. You may want to allow those to roll out first before you start in with the custom code.
          - Dean P. e-commerce and small business consulting


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            Hello everyone,

            V6 does add a couple of enhancements to wishlists. Mainly:

            A) When adding an item you can now pick a wishlist to add it to (which means, you can now have multiple wishlists)
            B) You can make a wishlist public and share the list with friends.

            To answer dibble's question, the only way to do what you want to do RIGHT NOW is to submit the data the same way its done from the product page. That is:

            A) It needs to be a POST not a GET.
            B) It needs to include all of the fields that you see on the product page, including those "hidden" ones. Normally that's where you'll see item_id, which is a product's catalogid.

            But, you'll be able to do this much easier with V6 because on V6, the add to wishlist LINK is simple a popup to a page


            (Note that wont work today as you don't have V6, but it will when its released)
            Gonzalo Gil
            3dCart Support
            800-828-6650 x111


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              Thanks for the quick reply, Gil!

              Great news.