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  • Create Date or Update Date

    Looking at data after doing a Product Import, it appears that both the Create Date and the Update Date get reset to current data when the import is done. Can someone confirm? And if so, why does the Create Date ever get changed after product is initially created?


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    Importing this date works for us. (Format: date_created 7/19/2013 )

    If you do not fill in the column or do not include it in the import, it will default to today's date. If you include it in the import it will apply.
    I have changed this date when some items are repackaged for instance and I want to feature them in the "New Items" smart category.
    Also, there is a sort option in the category template of Newest. You can control the sorting of your items by using the dates, and assigning that sort code to the category.


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      I think what hoosier is saying is that:

      Initial import (product created)
      date_created and date_modified are populated

      Later import at another date
      date_created and date_modified are updated with current date

      When it should only be date_modified that is changed


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        Thinking through this now, if either date field is blank on import, is it assuming current date?