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"Tabbed" products - does it hurt SEO, usability, etc.?

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  • "Tabbed" products - does it hurt SEO, usability, etc.?

    Hi all,

    This may have been asked on here before, but I didn't know quite how to "search" for the topic and couldn't find any threads on it.

    I've seen -- and I'm sure many of you have as well -- websites where the products are "tabbed". What I mean is:

    One tab would be the Product Description (for example).
    Tab two would be Product Reviews (for example).
    A third tab may be Additional Information, like lead times, etc. (for example).
    Perhaps a fourth tab is Product Q&A's (for example).

    My question is: I like how this "constrains" the length of a product page, and is easier to see everything without having to look all over, but...

    1) Does it hurt SEO (will search engines pick up on the tab information)?
    2) Has anyone tried doing this, and what was the feedback on the usability of it? Were customers confused at how to work this?
    3) Would anyone recommend doing something like this if you didn't have a mobile site, and displayed this type of product page even on smartphones as the regular desktop look?

    Thanks in advance!

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    We do it on a few of our sites. My research shows that it will not hurt SEO in most cases. Pages are crawled basically in text as I understand it. Hence the crawler sees everything there even though its hidden to the user.

    I know our rankings were not affected by adding the tabs.

    There is a good post about it here on these forums somewhere.

    Heres an example of page tabs being done fairly well


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      Man that looks awesome, and exactly what I was talking about. Will try this out, I like that much better than our current system (product description, underneath that - reviews, underneath that - related, etc. -- you get tired of scrolling down after a while!).



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        Here's another example:
        Mushroom Popcorn Kernels | 5 Lbs | Just Poppin Gourmet Popcorn

        We started doing it as we collected more reviews, making it impossible to convey other info to the viewers since it was getting pushed down so far (or vice versa where folks wouldn't be seeing the reviews).

        It works great. As Ruppy said, the code creating the tabs hides the info from the viewer until clicked or hovered over, but it's not hidden from indexers. You can see that by looking at the page source and seeing ALL the information in-line in the HTML.


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          This would be perfect for me! Can anyone give me the HTML code to create tabs like that? Then I can just paste it in Listing template :) I want 1 tab for Extended Description & 1 for Shipping Info (not sure what field I would enter text for shipping info...maybe extra fields?)


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            This is an old "how-to" that was posted a while ago. I wasn't ever able to get this to work properly myself, though I would still like to do it. It's definitely more complicated than just copying and pasting code:

            Laura Z
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              This is perfect, thank you for the information.

              We started another site with 3DCart and we are going to have these tabs in the next site. I think it makes for a clean design.

              I was thinking the same thing about SEO, this makes perfect sense now thought, looking at the html.

              Thank you for this information, very helpful.

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                look back through my posts. I posted a tutorial on the tabs with the new content. Has the workaround for Q&A


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                  Ruppy, couldn't find tutorial. Can I get link?


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                    Originally posted by EmbellishMyWedding View Post
                    Ruppy, couldn't find tutorial. Can I get link?
                    Heres the post on getting q&a and reviews to work.

                    For generally getting tabs to work, look at the listing html that has stock tabs. Then you can compare to yours. The most importand thing is that you have a reference to all the proper css and JS for the tabs.