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    Maybe I missed something or maybe this should be in the feature request section. Recently, after moving my store to 3dcart, I have been having a large number of people order out-of-stock items (this was not all that common prior to the switch). Yesterday, I had a customer chew me out for not shipping an item 10 days after it was ordered to which I pointed out that the item was backordered and the website mentioned this when the item was ordered. What I think is happening is the following:

    People land on a product page with options and see "Availability: In Stock" even though no option is selected so they assume that all sizes are available. 3dcart will change the availability of the item when a specific size is selected, but I believe customers are missing this.

    SO, is there a way to remove the "In Stock" message when no size is selected or have a default message of "Select an option to show availability" when someone lands on the page (and the availability status would change when someone selects an option).

    For the meantime, I have added a disclaimer to the site telling people to check the availability after selecting a size, but that would be asking customers to read information which does not always happen.

    Any suggestions/thoughts??

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    An thoughts. Still having this issue. Any one else experiencing this?


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      I've written some scripts that can solve this problem for you. It ranges anywhere from displaying a stock message per option all the way up to generating swatches from drop images and completely disabling all out of stock options. It takes into account multiple option combinations as well. Please see an example of the most advanced version Here in the demo store. Prices can range anywhere from 150 installed with support to 450 depending on the option set you desire.

      You can reach me at [email protected] anytime.
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