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Any good compromises for the lack of product-level shipping settings?

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  • Any good compromises for the lack of product-level shipping settings?

    Hey folks,

    We've been up and running with 3DCart since October of last year and so far, it's been a mostly positive experience. Our sales have gone up and product management has become a great deal easier for our mail order business (independent comic books and collectibles).

    But one thing that's been a bit of a thorn in our side for quite some time is 3DCart's lack of product-level shipping settings. To elaborate, here's a little background:

    Our two biggest sellers are standard-sized comic books and 11x17" prints. Because of their lucrative flat rates, we ship exclusively with USPS, both domestically and internationally. Comic books are the easy part - we found that entering custom "ship by weight" rules work pretty well for these and the shipping calculations are consistent 95% of the time (good enough for us). And it's further simplified by the fact that they can all ship in flat-rate envelopes and boxes.

    But prints are the tricky part. These HAVE to ship separately in cardboard tubes. We can usually fit about 4 prints per tube. But since there's no way to flag the SKUs that are prints to use different shipping rules, we always seem to be eating shipping costs whenever a customer has prints and comic books on the same order. And this really adds up - $5-6 per tube via USPS Priority!

    "Ships by itself" isn't a solution, because the way I understand it, it would apply a separate shipping charge for each and every item with that flag. I need something more along the lines of "1-4 prints ship for $6.00, 5-8 ship for $12.00," and so on. Ideally, this shipping charge would be separate from the comic books shipping charge and would be summed at checkout. But alas, I know this functionality just isn't there. (or is it?)

    I've done a fair bit of searching on this topic and never really found a definitive answer to it. All I know is that this seems to affect everyone that sells certain products that can't ship in the same boxes/packages as others. I understand this feature has been requested for years, but for a number of stated reasons (complexity, etc.), it has never been implemented outside of custom programming. On the surface, it just seems like such a basic feature that every shopping cart should have.

    Does anyone know a workaround for this limitation?

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    They used the Uservoice suggestions on this to make a "For Fee" app.

    You have to ask a sales rep about it and pay to have it implemented..


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      We get frustrated all the time by the need to trick the system into behavior that should be more easily programmable.

      I think you have two different issues to solve:
      1) Group A & Group B items don't mix -- we have a similar challenge and have been successfull with creating two distributors (with our same warehouse address) and assigning the A / B products to different distributors
      2) Only x products fit in a box -- this one is really frustrating, but our workaround is to use the max box weight setting to trick the system (e.g., you could set the max box weight at 4.1 lbs and have each poster weigh 1 lb... then the system knows it needs a second box for the 5th item & so on); in your flat rate scenario I think this would be easier than it is us for us, as we have to have the weights close to accurate to pull down the correct prices for each class of service.

      Hope that helps!


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        As Evolution said, there is a paid app that will help you do this.