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  • Manual Shipping Amount

    Is there a way during a phone order to put in a manual shipping amount? Example would be a customer calls and wants to expedite an order and we have to get a special quote from our supplier based on their delivery needs. This cannot be easily calculated and just need a simple field to key in an amount.

    If we do not do this during the initial phone order then the customer get's their receipt showing no shipping or the wrong shipping amount. Then we have to resend another email with the correct shipping which is confusing to the customer to have two order receipts.

    On the same note, is there a way to NOT send an email order receipt to certain customers during a phone order? If so, we could change the shipping price then send just one order receipt after the order was placed. Thanks.

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    I do it as a custom line-item. I just call it Shipping or whatever, and put the price of what I want in. Then you could have a phone-order-only shipping method of $0 to keep the total correct.


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      Thanks for the response. I really don't like doing "hacks" like this but appears to be the only way. Thanks again.