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  • Google Base Google Product Category configuration

    My site has several main categories, including office, janitorial, and building supplies. I can't set up a single google product category for the entire product feed. What's the best way to make it as automated as possible? Use extra fields in the product listing and add the Google category there?

    Wish 3dcart had a Guide on this topic. I've found stuff in the forums (THANK YOU) that got me this far, but now I'm stuck again.

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    Yeah, I use one of the fields (I personally use warehouse_location, but whatever field you want) and store the category structure there.


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      Thanks cbsteven. One more (kind of dumb) question that I can't find anywhere in the Google help. Google's sample spreadsheet has quotation marks around the categories, like this:

      "Toys & Games > Toys > Dolls & Action Figures > Stuffed Toys"

      Is that necessary when inputting the categories in an extra field? I'm going to classify all the products in my store via spreadsheet upload today and want to get it right the first time.


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        Sorry, I can't say with confidence. I would suggest building a sample feed file manually and submit it to Google as a test file and see if it validates.


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          Ok, it looks like no quotes are necessary, as in

          header: google_product_category

          Vehicles & Parts > Automotive Parts > Automotive Lighting


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            You can also have multitple categories, just separate with a comma
            xxx > yyy > zzz,aaa > bbb > ccc