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any smartermail experts help?

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  • any smartermail experts help?


    I'm having fun trying to add a second email address in smartermail.

    I have read the online guides and it says to login as admin and then just add the user under settings, all looks very easy. However under settings I don't have the correct buttons to press so I'm assuming that I'm not actually signed in as an admin.

    I've therefore tried to reset my admin password (because I don't have a clue what it is) and I've followed the online guides for this but I cannot find that folder on any of my computers.

    Anyone have any ideas??


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    One thing to note with SmarterMail is that if you are logged in as an Admin, you will have two sets of controls. One for Admin to control the settings for the domain, and one for your own settings.
    To add a user, click on Settings on the left, then look in the Domain Section for users.

    We have moved to Google Apps and no longer use Smarter Mail. Much better!