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Show all options in view cart shipping preview?

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  • Show all options in view cart shipping preview?

    I thought I had seen how to set this up somewhere for the shipping estimate in the view cart page (not the checkout page). I cannot find it. Right now, if we enable the shipping preview, the customer has to click on the down arrow to see all the options. Since we had to program priority flat rates as custom shipping options, they always populate that box so the customer never sees the least expensive shipping rate unless they click it open.

    Anyone know how to change that from the click to select box to an always open or show all type box?

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    In settings/shipping/shipping settings there is a 'Preview all shipping methods' but when on just offers the drop down instead of just showing and allowing first available.
    By looking at the view cart template you will probably have to change the drop down code to a radio or check box format to show them all


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      OK. Im still new to all this but I think this is the code that would need to be changed?

      <select class="txtBoxStyle">
      <!--START: Shippers-->
      <option><b>[OPTION-SHIPPER]</b> <i>[OPTION-DESCRIPTION]</i> [OPTION-PRICE]</option>
      <!--END: Shippers-->