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Shipping options don't always show up?

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  • Shipping options don't always show up?

    I've been getting a rash of calls lately - normally shipping options have three choices in my system - 1. pick up, 2. USPS, 3. UPS.

    The only one showing up is "Pick Up" order at our facility - and the other two don't. This doesn't happen all the time, but pushing 50% now. We've had the system up and running since mid-June and have not made any changes.

    Any ideas?

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    Check your maximum weights, sometimes orders exceed these and then the method does not apply.

    Can you replicate it every time, or is it sporadic. If sporadic then study one of the orders where the shipping methods did not show up for reasons why.

    If it happens all the time, then maybe you have the shipping methods setup wrong. Review them carefully or delete them and re-setup.


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      Thanks - I've checked orders that had this issue - I'm not seeing a common denominator between any of them - weight, browser or anything. I do know weight isn't the issue - random orders of 1-2 lbs. will not show shipping options, yet others will. Change the weight to whatever value and there is no pattern that I can find.


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        Do you have any customer groups set up? I had an issue where for some reason shipping options got set to only display for some groups, rather than all groups.