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Bulk update product options pricing?

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  • Bulk update product options pricing?

    I have to be missing something here. There has to be a way to do this, right?

    We just started using product options (or we are trying to anyway) and what we really need is an option class that marks up the product price by a certain percentage when selected. Since 3DCart doesn't have this ability, I have decided to make a product options template for a range of prices. Really, there is only one option that we are offering, but the price needs to change based on the product price.

    So, since I have these dozen-or-so options templates, I need a way to update which options template gets used by a particular product as the product price changes. I expected there to be a database field that I could update with the name of the template used by the product, but I can't seem to figure out which one (if any) controls the options template.

    We have thousands of products that would be sharing these dozen options templates, and the product pricing is volatile, so it is updated regularly.

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    Nevermind. I think I found the answer. Should have searched the knowledge base first.
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      UPDATE: So, I found the bulk Product Template upload feature and was able to upload a product template to an existing test product.

      However, when I went to change the option template of the test product, it never removed the old option template - it simply added the new one on top of the old one (so now there are 2x as many options as there should be).

      I then figured that I could do a bulk delete by leaving the 'optiontemplate' database field blank and uploading the template again. Nope - the upload function just generated an errror.

      This has me scratching my head here and it brings up a bigger question. If I were to upload option templates to my 7000+ products and later decide that I did not want to offer this option anymore, how on earth would I remove these option templates from all of my products?